Hello, everyone. How are you? I hope you are all doing well..

I would like to apologize again for the site/poetry contest disruption. I am now in the midst of reconstructing the site and you can still contact me while I do so. I had to swipe all the content from my site in order to fix the problem. I will be posting all entries back up as soon as possible..

Poetry contest entries will be due on the 11th of April and will be judged on the 14th.

Please submit all entries to the Contact Me section by clicking here.

I would also like to thank all of my supporters, friends, and admirers for being so kind to me and helping me out so much. I will always appreciate you.. There is a theory I have been working on for some years now and I am trying to prove it. I have spent day after day solidifying the reasons why our hearts break which has resulted with what I call Heartbreak Theory. My time has been very full of thinking and research.

The subject of heartbreak has lead me into some sort of temporary depression. I suppose from thinking about it all the time, but it also makes me feel good to know that I have not lost my compassion and empathy. My theory can be directed towards those who have.. My theory should encompass how important fulfilling responsibility is, how at some point in our lives, past, present or future, we were/will be responsible for breaking someone’s heart, how most if not all of us have endeared a broken heart, how to prevent a broken heart, and lastly the reasons why.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I am still taking love stories, love poems, love song requests, any feeling, any form of expression towards love, ect.. I want to hear about it from you and I am interested. Love should be displayed, not depleted. Love should be celebrated and acknowledged. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry with love, please offer your insight and/or criticism, so we can all learn how to better love one another. Vent your soul to me, tell me how you feel. We all live because we love.

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