The Delicacy of Love by Mick Howe

Like the softest marionette 
She dances into my dreams
Whispers lingering on her lips
Flowing through sentimental streams
A golden veil left behind her
As coffee colored eyes gaze on
I get lost in whirlpools of wonder
Praying for a place to lay my praise on
Will she embrace it
Will she deny me a delicate touch
The craving of tenderness
And this is almost all too much
For me to bear without crying out
Screaming out, and letting out my joy
These things that she makes me feel
Are like a kid with a brand new toy
The smile that she blessed me with
And those after thoughts of wishes come
Into this falling ever after
A solice that helps me take away the numb
Cold, gone, replaced with warmth now
I am finally feeling whole yet again
I will continue to pour this love out
And will keep on holding out my hand
Wishing that she’d take it into hers
Just a simple connection so bare
A craving for the press of sweet lips
I look up and she’s no longer there
Awakened into a cold room
My body’s still semi warm from hers
I will always pour out this love
And from within the echo stirs
I can hear it in my mind again
Yet for now it’s not my reality
Though if she is ever ready for me
I’ll embrace her with loving sensuality


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