Heartbeat by Cody Armstrong

That last one was one I know that hit you when you read it.
I’m sorry but that’s just how I was feelin’ when I said it.
It hurts to know that my heart is for real. Don’t know how to react.
It kills you inside cuz you know how u feel. Still scared of the past.
I’ve looked in myself to find who i am. Misguided, mislead.
I’m still searching daily to make sure I’m the man. Unbroken, unread.
You, you’re my woman. So loving so brave. And you’ve taught me somethin’.
How to love what god gave. Life has its moments some good and some great.
But life will still hurt you and fill you with hate. We have our secrets the things we cant say.
And we choose to hold it and hide it each day.
We feel each other still drifting away yet for one another each night do we pray.
For peace and for happiness in each others heart. For life and prosperity and to find where it starts.
Oh how the heart will lead us astray. And leave us tired and barren at the end of the day. Big girls don’t cry.
A statement of lies. When you’ve seen the tears fill up in her eyes. Tears are your water and you are the plant.
You’ve grown from the water with one wish to grant.
To live your life better then you have in the past in hopes that you’re stronger and your hopes will still last.
Woman, the strong one, so good and so pure.
Woman, the soft one, full of thoughts so unsure.
Woman, my backbone, I won’t fall apart.
Woman, my lifeline, the beat of my heart.
Everything that you are and all you’ve been through made you who you are and I believe in you.
My heart still beats and the rhythms still true.  And with every beat my love grows for you.

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