Memories Never Fading by J King

I remember the taste of your sweet kiss
Brought by heaven’s own lips
Nothing seemed more pure than this
These falls on countless trips

Yesterday has finally come and gone
Your whispers are all I hear
In loving memories that are moving on
I beg to let me pull you near

Three words to never cross your tongue
Yet I feel them from your heart
And through these ballads I have sung
I feel we are never torn apart

I sleep right beside you nightly
Even though you’re not in my bed
I could hold you close and tightly
And let our love be fed

All of this happened oh so long ago
My head spins with it now
I have all this love that i wish to show
But alas I remiss on how
You seem so far but are close to me
These memories shall never fade
you have help set my heart forever free
with these lullabies we played

I shall love you forever and a day
To these heart felt melodies we sway
I’ll be here when you decide to stay
With these memories that never go away



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