Still Here In My Pandemonium by Eli Dunlap

I hold fast to the belief it will one day be you and I, but that belief is slowly fading away a love to die.

I will hold on to you until I perish. A fate to love in our sight.

Attach on to you until we cherish our two souls.

To late? never! With all my might I’ll let it eat me away then my insides will show.

Nothing you see now will be left. Just my heart and soul.

I can’t hide it now. I’m nearly not here. I can’t fight it now. My feelings are clear.

Love in my face taunting me and shoved in my face haunting me.

Somewhere right now a heart is being shattered into a gritty red cloud of hurt.

Somewhere right now a passion is being battered into a tiny lead clump of dirt.

But right now my love for you can break anything that is constructive of it’s destruction.

And right now my mind could take anything. Except you in his arms in my corruption!

Oh! less the glances are that eyes connect. Now the of rest my body awakes to die-sect.

I held this head up high and I burn inside, my love aching in sacrifice.

Which created a mutilated soul deflated.

All I’d forsake for our sake. To those who wait things come, but not to those who wait too late.

Heart beated by time like a drum.

Nothing to show for an eternity waiting.

No reason but you to go on anticipating.

Worth it all. I’d do again even if it ends in a heart beat.

Sewing it for me and all I’d do again without amends.

Intelligence cannot comprehend my swelling love for love.

A love perpetually disabling lasts until an end of dwelling in the love.

Leave away my home of devotion? Heave away dissipating emotions?

All but romance! Singe my heart opening the doorway to love’s spell.

Cringe walking in, I want to stay in love’s Hell. Until the light comes faith for a day not far.

Until the flight from wings comes from where they are.

All I can do is always love you.

Falling in love but without you.

Wait forever thinking about you.

Lever leaving legs like plants.

The echo is still here in my pandemonium.


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