Believing In Each Other by Steve Stephens

Love believes in all things.

In 1910 DeWitt Wallace developed a new idea for a magazine. It would consist of a collection of condensed articles and he would call it the Reader’s Digest. He put together a proposed sample and sent it to publishers throughout the country. Nobody seemed interested and DeWitt was terribly discouraged.

About the same time he met Lila Bell Acheson, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister. Before long the two fell in love. Lila believed in DeWitts dream. She wouldn’t let him give up and encouraged him to keep trying his wonderful idea for a magazine. Boosted by her faith in him, DeWitt started mailing circular letters to potential subscribers. In October 1921, Lila married DeWitt.

On returning from their honeymoon, they found a bundle of letters from interested subscribers. Together they worked on Volume 1, Number 1, which appeared in February, 1922. DeWitt Wallace included Lila Bell Acheson as his co-founder, co-editor, and co-owner. Over the years their magazine grew. Now printed in at least eighteen languages, Reader’s Digest is the best selling magazine in the entire world.

DeWitt and Lila were more than husband and wife, they were true friends. They encouraged, supported, and believed in each other. They worked side by side to make their dream come true, and in the process they respected each other. DeWitt once said, “I think Lila made the Digest possible.” I can imagine that Lila would probably say the same about DeWitt.

Yes, love believes all the things. It sticks up for seemingly impossible dreams, cheering as those dreams struggle forward and applauding when they finally come true.


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