The Sum by Logan E. Legg

I remember how I used to be.
I saw this world so differently.
There wasn’t such pain like knives in me.
I used to feel free.

I would look outside my window and see a different view.
The sky used to have color, but now there is no you.
I try and try to forget, but that’s leaving everything I ever believed in.
Can’t you see what that means?

The emptiness that is now all of me?
I used to smile without forcing myself to.
But now behind every face, there is sadness I need to replace with how I should feel.

You can lose yourself instantly to someone else’s game.
I did. Over and over I did.
They fuck with my head and run away like I never existed.
Well, I do exist. I do.

If I had anymore empathy, I would die by feeling more of you.
You’re the sum of every broken heart I’ve had, yet the greatest person I’ve ever known.
This is because I love you so much..

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