I Want You by Logan E. Legg

I want you to feel what you have missed.
Wishing I could kiss your face with tenderness.
My days waste knowing I’m not there for you.
But sometimes there is nothing else you can do.

Sometimes others make decisions for you.
Sometimes words can’t be used anymore.
Not because they don’t mean anything.
It’s just so your feelings can be out of it.

I see how you formed.
All tough and righteous.
All knowing and high.
The all entitled big shot you are.

But that’s not really you in there.

Someone robbed your soul.
And now you love to be hated.
You’d rather it be that way.
Loneliness used as a shield from pain others may cause you.

But only if you opened your eyes for a moment,
I could show you something real and true..
I could give you all you ever needed,
I could restore your heart like new.
I could be your best friend.
You would never be alone.

I could show you a love no one else could show..

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