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How Do You Know You’re In Love?

There are ways to find out whether you’re in love or not. It is important to analyze how this potential love makes you feel. To romantically love a person, you have to love a person as a friend first. Not just a friend, but a best friend. You have to be able to trust each other. How are you able to trust someone? You get to really know someone.

One indicator of truly loving someone could be that you genuinely care about a person so much that you think about the person all the time.. It’s important to realize what you value in a partner. Your thoughts can speak volumes in self-guiding. Below is a list of  indicators I have found through my own experiences and observation.

-When you genuinely and thoughtfully care about the person.

-When you think about how happy he or she makes you.

-When you would do anything for him or her.

-When you’re each other’s best friend.

-When you feel passionate about his or her soul.

-When you feel you can’t live without him or her.

-When you know you would be happy waking up next to him or her everyday.

-When you think about how great he or she is.

-When you think about how sweet he or she is.

-When you think highly and good of the person.

The Most Important Topics To Discuss Before Marriage:

1. Morals & Beliefs

The things you stand for. This has to do with what you believe is right and whether you would be able to be with someone who opposes what you stand for. It’s whether you would be able to be with someone who valued life differently than you. Morals and beliefs are highly relevant when it comes to long term relationships. It’s what you believe in that can make or break a relationship and a marriage. So this is crucial to discuss before committing in that way.

2. Children

Does the person you love want children or not? Do you want children? Child bearing is a relevant topic in all the lives of those who especially do or don’t want them. Need not find out the man or woman you love doesn’t want children after months or years of being together. Be sure that you’re on the same track of mind.

3. Finances

As a married couple, as individuals, there is a fundamental need for security. Our world is ran on money. Without money, there is unfortunately no way to have what you need. Nothing is free. Building a life with the one you love may involve a significant amount of money; especially if you desire children. I am not saying a couple needs to be wealthy, I am saying that you can’t live without financial security.

4. Sexuality

Make sure to discuss your sexual needs with the one you’re with. Different people like different things. You may not be sexually compatible. Sexuality also correlates into your morals and beliefs. When you’re truly married, you’re not going to be with anyone else sexually. Are you deeply enough in love that you wouldn’t want anyone else sexually? What are his or her preferences compared to yours?