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How Do You Know You’re In Love?

There are ways to figure out whether you are in love or not. It is important to analyze how this potential love makes you feel. To fall in love with a person romantically, you have to fall in love with that person as a friend first, and not just a friend, but a best friend. You have to be able to trust each other.

How are you able to trust someone? You get to really know someone. 

One indicator of being truly in love could be that you genuinely care about a person so much that you think about the person all the time. It’s important to realize what you value in a partner. Your thoughts can speak volumes in self-guiding. Below is a list of indicators I have found through my own experiences and observation.

You know you’re in love..

When you genuinely, thoughtfully, and actively care about the person.

When you think about how happy he or she makes you.

When you would do anything for him or her.

When you’re each other’s best friend.

When you feel passionate about his or her soul.

When you feel you can’t live without him or her.

When you know you would be happy waking up next to him or her everyday.

When you think about how great he or she is.

When you think about how sweet he or she is.

When you think highly and good of the person.