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I Want You by Logan E. Legg

I want you to feel what you have missed.
Wishing I could kiss your face with tenderness.
My days waste knowing I’m not there for you.
But sometimes there is nothing else you can do.

Sometimes others make decisions for you.
Sometimes words can’t be used anymore.
Not because they don’t mean anything.
It’s just so your feelings can be out of it.

I see how you formed.
All tough and righteous.
All knowing and high.
The all entitled big shot you are.

But that’s not really you in there.

Someone robbed your soul.
And now you love to be hated.
You’d rather it be that way.
Loneliness used as a shield from pain others may cause you.

But only if you opened your eyes for a moment,
I could show you something real and true..
I could give you all you ever needed,
I could restore your heart like new.
I could be your best friend.
You would never be alone.

I could show you a love no one else could show..

The Sum by Logan E. Legg

I remember how I used to be.
I saw this world so differently.
There wasn’t such pain like knives in me.
I used to feel free.

I would look outside my window and see a different view.
The sky used to have color, but now there is no you.
I try and try to forget, but that’s leaving everything I ever believed in.
Can’t you see what that means?

The emptiness that is now all of me?
I used to smile without forcing myself to.
But now behind every face, there is sadness I need to replace with how I should feel.

You can lose yourself instantly to someone else’s game.
I did. Over and over I did.
They fuck with my head and run away like I never existed.
Well, I do exist. I do.

If I had anymore empathy, I would die by feeling more of you.
You’re the sum of every broken heart I’ve had, yet the greatest person I’ve ever known.
This is because I love you so much..

Freedom Through The Heart by Mick Howe

Until the end of time my heart will beat for only you.
No other set of words have been spoken more true.
I’m lifted up higher just so I can enjoy this view.
And everything I do I shall always do just for you.

The wings you have given me have set me free.
I can finally feel as though I can be who I want to be.
The joy is overwhelming of what you’ve instilled in me.
And I am thankful for all the things you’ve allowed me to see.

All of these things I really want you to know.
You’ve given me hope and allowed me to grow.
So the rest of the world something I want to show.
And this wonderful feeling is something everyone should know.

Still Here In My Pandemonium by Eli Dunlap

I hold fast to the belief it will one day be you and I, but that belief is slowly fading away a love to die.

I will hold on to you until I perish. A fate to love in our sight.

Attach on to you until we cherish our two souls.

To late? never! With all my might I’ll let it eat me away then my insides will show.

Nothing you see now will be left. Just my heart and soul.

I can’t hide it now. I’m nearly not here. I can’t fight it now. My feelings are clear.

Love in my face taunting me and shoved in my face haunting me.

Somewhere right now a heart is being shattered into a gritty red cloud of hurt.

Somewhere right now a passion is being battered into a tiny lead clump of dirt.

But right now my love for you can break anything that is constructive of it’s destruction.

And right now my mind could take anything. Except you in his arms in my corruption!

Oh! less the glances are that eyes connect. Now the of rest my body awakes to die-sect.

I held this head up high and I burn inside, my love aching in sacrifice.

Which created a mutilated soul deflated.

All I’d forsake for our sake. To those who wait things come, but not to those who wait too late.

Heart beated by time like a drum.

Nothing to show for an eternity waiting.

No reason but you to go on anticipating.

Worth it all. I’d do again even if it ends in a heart beat.

Sewing it for me and all I’d do again without amends.

Intelligence cannot comprehend my swelling love for love.

A love perpetually disabling lasts until an end of dwelling in the love.

Leave away my home of devotion? Heave away dissipating emotions?

All but romance! Singe my heart opening the doorway to love’s spell.

Cringe walking in, I want to stay in love’s Hell. Until the light comes faith for a day not far.

Until the flight from wings comes from where they are.

All I can do is always love you.

Falling in love but without you.

Wait forever thinking about you.

Lever leaving legs like plants.

The echo is still here in my pandemonium.


Annabel Lee Edgar Allan Poe (1849)

It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea

That a maiden there lived whom you may know by the name of Annabel Lee

And this maiden she lived with no other thought

Than to love and be loved by me

She was a child and I was a child in this kingdom by the sea

But we loved with a love that was more than love

I and my Annabel Lee

With a love that winged the seraphs of heaven coveted her and me

And this was the reason that long ago in this kingdom by the sea

A wind blew out of a cloud by night

Chilling my Annabel Lee

So that her high-born kinsman came and bore her away from me

To shut her up in a sepulcher in this kingdom by the sea

The angels, not half so happy in Heaven went envying her and me.

Yes, that was the reason

That the wind came out of a cloud, chilling and killing my Annabel Lee

But our love, it was stronger by far

Than the love of those who were older than we, of many far wiser than we

And neither the angels in Heaven above

Nor the demons down under the sea

Can ever dissever my soul from the soul

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee

And the stars never rise, but I see the bright eyes

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee

And so, all the night-tide, I lay down by the side of my darling

My darling, my life, and my bride in her sepulcher there by the sea

In her tomb by the side of the sea.
Why I love You by unknown
I love you for many reasons, big and small.

And all of them are wonderful.

I love you for all the special qualities that make you one of a kind.

The only one in the world for me.

I love you for the things you do that bring such special meaning to my life.

I love you for the silent times.

When your eyes and arms tell me all I want to know.

I love you just because I do.

Because now in the deepest of my heart..

A place where there was nothing before,

There is love.

Mental Property by Brent Brannon

In the bitter cold of dawn
There was a man who was far past gone
In his heart there was no love
Pumped away just like his blood
Torn and twisted was his mind
For the love he lost had made him blind
Blind to see that love was there
In the friendships of ones who cared
He drowned his life in drugs and booze
Only to find it was no use
He wept no tears for the life he wasted
Only for the bitterness of love he tasted
Will his heart be whole again?
It doesn’t matter in the end

The Way You Are by Janie Dorin (For Tony)

It was the way you looked at me when I first met you. 
It was the way you made me laugh when i first met you.
It was the way I felt comfortable, instantly, when I first met you.
It was the way you understood my sense of humor when i met you. 
It was the way I didn’t want to say bye when you were leaving.
It was the way you made me want to talk to you everyday.. and still do.
As the days go by, I think about how the second I look into your eyes again, my heart will beat so slow but so fast..
And how I’ll have a horrible case of butterflies. lol
The way you were and how you’re still like that is the reason why I’m completely falling in love with you.
It’s the way we are that makes me want to spend the rest of my life with you. i’m so thankful to have met you, my sweetheart.. my best friend.

Love Poetry Contest Winner Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who entered the love poetry contest. All of your love poems were beautiful.
I appreciate your responses and I will surely have many more of these. Our decision in choosing wasn’t easy, but a decision had to be made.

This month’s love poetry contest winner is Maria Jones.

Her submission:

It’s A Kind of Love 

It’s a kind of love you can never hide,
It can be displayed or kept deep inside.

It’s a kind of love that could never leave,
Whether given back, you’d still believe.

It’s a kind of love that no matter what they do,
It’s in your heart and you know it’s true.

It’s a kind of love that no matter what they say,
You know you’ll love them anyway.

It’s a kind of love you will always feel.
It’s a kind of love that is forever real.

It’s a kind of love…so special, so pure,
For it’s a mother’s love and will always endure.

Congratulations to you, Maria. You’ve won the contest and a $25 Visa Gift Card. : ) Please contact me to redeem your prize.
Contact link: 
Thank you so much for the lovely words.

Untitled by C

Lower my defenses 
Overcome the fear of failure
Valiance and trepidation wage war on every word I speak to you 
Every ounce of the past is carried on my shoulders

Is this reality
Say that its so

Have I found the future in your eyes?
Arguing with myself over fate or fiction
Rescue me from these sleepless nights
Devour me

Just A Kiss by Caldwell McDole

As our eyes lock and our lips touch.
It reminds me of why I missed you so much.
Maybe it was just a kiss.
But we both want it to be more than this.
I’m trying my best to be patient and wait,
But I think you might take to long and be late.
My heart shows that it don’t want you to be alone,
But when you finally start to see it I don’t want to be gone.
You must have a poisoned kiss,
I have never felt like this.
The softness of your skin as my hand gently glides over,
The passion as i begin to pull you closer.
As you can see I’m not like a lot of the males,
I look at you as a human, a work of art and not a piece of tail.