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It’s A Kind of Love by Maria Jones

It’s a kind of love you can never hide, 
It can be displayed or kept deep inside. 

It’s a kind of love that could never leave, 
Whether given back, you’d still believe. 

It’s a kind of love that no matter what they do, 
It’s in your heart and you know it’s true. 

It’s a kind of love that no matter what they say, 
You know you’ll love them anyway. 

It’s a kind of love you will always feel. 
It’s a kind of love that is forever real. 

It’s a kind of love…so special, so pure, 
For it’s a mother’s love and will always endure.

Heartbeat by Cody Armstrong

That last one was one I know that hit you when you read it.
I’m sorry but that’s just how I was feelin’ when I said it.
It hurts to know that my heart is for real. Don’t know how to react.
It kills you inside cuz you know how u feel. Still scared of the past.
I’ve looked in myself to find who i am. Misguided, mislead.
I’m still searching daily to make sure I’m the man. Unbroken, unread.
You, you’re my woman. So loving so brave. And you’ve taught me somethin’.
How to love what god gave. Life has its moments some good and some great.
But life will still hurt you and fill you with hate. We have our secrets the things we cant say.
And we choose to hold it and hide it each day.
We feel each other still drifting away yet for one another each night do we pray.
For peace and for happiness in each others heart. For life and prosperity and to find where it starts.
Oh how the heart will lead us astray. And leave us tired and barren at the end of the day. Big girls don’t cry.
A statement of lies. When you’ve seen the tears fill up in her eyes. Tears are your water and you are the plant.
You’ve grown from the water with one wish to grant.
To live your life better then you have in the past in hopes that you’re stronger and your hopes will still last.
Woman, the strong one, so good and so pure.
Woman, the soft one, full of thoughts so unsure.
Woman, my backbone, I won’t fall apart.
Woman, my lifeline, the beat of my heart.
Everything that you are and all you’ve been through made you who you are and I believe in you.
My heart still beats and the rhythms still true.  And with every beat my love grows for you.

The Delicacy of Love by Mick Howe

Like the softest marionette 
She dances into my dreams
Whispers lingering on her lips
Flowing through sentimental streams
A golden veil left behind her
As coffee colored eyes gaze on
I get lost in whirlpools of wonder
Praying for a place to lay my praise on
Will she embrace it
Will she deny me a delicate touch
The craving of tenderness
And this is almost all too much
For me to bear without crying out
Screaming out, and letting out my joy
These things that she makes me feel
Are like a kid with a brand new toy
The smile that she blessed me with
And those after thoughts of wishes come
Into this falling ever after
A solice that helps me take away the numb
Cold, gone, replaced with warmth now
I am finally feeling whole yet again
I will continue to pour this love out
And will keep on holding out my hand
Wishing that she’d take it into hers
Just a simple connection so bare
A craving for the press of sweet lips
I look up and she’s no longer there
Awakened into a cold room
My body’s still semi warm from hers
I will always pour out this love
And from within the echo stirs
I can hear it in my mind again
Yet for now it’s not my reality
Though if she is ever ready for me
I’ll embrace her with loving sensuality


Relationship by Caldwell McDole

I must admit that I like the things you say in my ear.
No matter how I feel you know exactly what I want to hear.
I can feel your beats all through me.
When we are together I feel s free.
It feels so good to be in a relationship with music.
We’ve been together for years and I continue to abuse it.
But I got to be honest, I have been sharing my love.
Sharing it with something that put me in the clouds above.
Her name is poetry.
I can’t turn my back on her because she is apart of me.
Music, I hope you can understand that I love you both the same,
And everything I told you wasn’t a game.

Untitled by Caldwell McDole

I must admit that I love this feeling.
It put me on a cloud because I have bypassed the ceiling.
It’s like a level of highness that I would love to keep.
The feeling of love awakens me from slumber and counting sheep.
This feeling, which I think is love, fills my heart.
It tries to repair where the past has torn it apart.
My mind tries to question what my gut feels.
And constantly asks “Is this real?”
My mind slaps my heart and screams “Be a man!”
And the only reply is “I’m trying as hard as I can.”

Memories Never Fading by J King

I remember the taste of your sweet kiss
Brought by heaven’s own lips
Nothing seemed more pure than this
These falls on countless trips

Yesterday has finally come and gone
Your whispers are all I hear
In loving memories that are moving on
I beg to let me pull you near

Three words to never cross your tongue
Yet I feel them from your heart
And through these ballads I have sung
I feel we are never torn apart

I sleep right beside you nightly
Even though you’re not in my bed
I could hold you close and tightly
And let our love be fed

All of this happened oh so long ago
My head spins with it now
I have all this love that i wish to show
But alas I remiss on how
You seem so far but are close to me
These memories shall never fade
you have help set my heart forever free
with these lullabies we played

I shall love you forever and a day
To these heart felt melodies we sway
I’ll be here when you decide to stay
With these memories that never go away



I Want You by Caldwell McDole

I want you.
And for your heart there is nothing that I wouldn’t do.
I want to satisfy you mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Pull you so close that you think you are apart of me.
All you have to do is give me the chance.
And I swear that I can make your heart dance.
I can back up everything I say.
I picture your body filling my arms throughout the night and day.
I don’t know why I’m writing these words.
Because you possibly wont read them.
And I don’t know why I make promises cause you probably think I wont keep them.
But everything I’ve told you I meant.
And all the time we are together is time well spent.

Upon A Sleeve by Garrett Stone

What tangled webs we weave.
When hearts are worn upon the sleeve
I can’t bare to watch you leave
I can’t bare the pain that I receive

Broken hearts are for mending
To the wounded you keep tending
With all the love that is trending
And wasted time we are spending

For now my heart is slowly bleeding
With these feelings we are breeding
To your love I am now conceding
I just pray that I am not misreading

Untitled by Caldwell McDole

I have to admit that I have a burning desire.
It burns hotter than any fire.
I try no to show the expression on my face.
But you are the only one I’m focused on in this place.
Shots attack my heart when ours eyes meet.
It’s like I get chills from my head to my feet.
I want you. I want to stand beside you with everything you go through.

Coming Down by Ivan Moody

It’s caving in around me.
What I thought was solid ground.
I tried to look the other way
But I couldn’t turn around

It’s OK for you to hate me
For all the things I’ve done
I’ve made a few mistakes
But I’m not the only one

Step away from the ledge
I’m coming down

I could never be
What you want me to
You pulled me under
To save yourself
(Save yourself)
You will never see
What’s inside of me
I pulled you under just to save myself

Was there ever any question
On how much I could take? 
You kept feeding me your bullshit
Hoping I would break

Is there anybody out there? 
Is there anyone who cares? 
Is there anybody listening? 
Will they hear my final prayers? 

Step away from the ledge
I’m coming down

I could never be
What you want me to
You pulled me under
To save yourself
(Save yourself) 
You will never see
What’s inside of me
I pulled you under just to save myself
(Save myself) 

It’s caving in around me 
(Caving in)
It’s tearing me apart
(Tearing me)
It’s all coming down around me
(Coming down)
Does anyone
Care at all? 

I will never be
What you want me to
You pull me under
I pull you under

I could never be
What you want me to
You pulled me under
To save yourself
(Save yourself)
You will never see
What’s inside of me
I pulled you under just to save myself